I am an Investor, a Family Office or an Investment Club


600_439335658Pitch Club is the most successful pitch event in the Rhine-Main region. From the startups having participated so far more than 40 % have received a financing – directly or indirectly via the Pitch Club. Overall more than 20m EUR of fundings have been raised. This indicates high quality – both from the startup and from the investor side. Are you interested in innovative and leading-edge startups? Then apply as an investor for the forthcoming events.

Benefits as Investor

Qualified and pre-selected deal flow:

Participating startups will be identified, evaluated and pre-selected by experienced experts from different fields. Only promising startups with an attractive risk-/reward-ratio get the opportunity to pitch at the event. That means that only startups, which have successfully mastered the selection process, with traction and a proof of concept are accepted. Thereby, assuring that investors see only exciting business cases.

Syndication of deals:

We offer the opportunity to investors to syndicate deals with other investors in order to achieve a relevant position in the cap table. Investors benefit from experience and common expertise of the consortium. Having a network of high calibre experts, consisting of industry experts, leading scientists and experienced investment professionals, among others, many critical success factors are affected poitively. As a result, the decision power is strengthened while substantially decreasing the risk of default.

Closed shop event:

Pitch Club is a closed shop event, meaning that only investors are allowed to participate, who have been already invested in the past. In addition, they need to have a clear intention for investments in the future. This ensures that you as investor will meet other investors with similar background and focus.

Services for Investors

 W13581957_835831503218822_2852998991139058964_oorkshops & Investor Trips:

Due to our international mentor and partner network, we offer customized business trips. Partnerships and alliances with international universities, investors and startup hubs in Eastern Europe, Israel or the US enable valuable insights of the particular ecosystems. To connect with influencers and decision-makers on a top level, to generate business and to establish cooperations is the outcome, pursued by such trips.

Scouting of Startups:

We identify and select promising investment-ready startups not only for our Pitch Club events, but also for professional (international) investors. Investors benefit from our access to the ecosystem, track-record and selection edge. From the startups, which participated so far, more than 40 % received a financing. This indicates that we are able to adequately evaluate the success and survival rate in the high risk early-stage phase due to our standardized and KPI-driven selection process. We built and rely upon years of experience, excellent expertise, a huge deal flow as well as an experienced international network.

Investment Vehicle & Company Builder:

We offer professional investors a tailor-made investment vehicle (SPV) for investments, not only in early-stage startups. Due to our strong cooperation partners, we offer that services also for SMEs. We bring together with top-tier banks and top-notch lawyers the critical expertise on the table to structure these deals in a time-efficient and highly effective manner.

We are in the process of rolling out a company builder. We usually complement the team, outsource and support the team in distinctive business areas (e.g. Marketing, Legal, Sales, HR, Accounting) that the founder team can focus on their core business and the critical ability to execute it very time-efficient. Cureent projects in the pipeline are open for co-investments. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.