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We help to respond successfully and proactively to challenges of the digitization era. We support your employees and project teams in successfully setting up innovation processes in your company and implementing them quickly, leanly and agilely in the market – as well as in your own company – using startup methods and suitable tools.

Pitch Club
Developer Edition

Are you looking for suitable IT developers? With the Pitch Club Developer Edition, we match attractive companies with skilled software developers.

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Pitch Club
Data Expert Edition

Are you looking for suitable Data Experts? The Pitch Club Data Expert Edition brings together companies and Data Experts.

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In our Pitch Seminars "Live Pitch", "Pitch Content", "Elevator Pitch" or "Pitch Deck", you will learn which content is essential when pitching and how you can pitch it in front of an audience (investors, customers, partners, expert jury, conference etc.) effectively and authentically.

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Do you run an incubator or accelerator or are you looking for suitable startups with your investment arm? Or do you just want an overview of startups in a specific industry or market segment? We identify, evaluate and select startups for you.

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Demo Days

Do you want the participants of your accelerator program to pitch in front of experienced investors? We organize events, such as the Corporate Demo Day, as a kick-off or closing event for your incubator or accelerator program.

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Innovation Concepts

Digitization calls for early recognition of new business models across all industries, leading to innovation and higher efficiency in the future and in some cases completely disrupting well-established business models. As a first step towards deeper insights into the specific industry and its market segments, we offer the solution: a taior-made award adapted to your needs: Kick your AaaS - disrupt ME!

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Satisfied Customers

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“An inspirational pitch lets investors feel the passion of a team, empathize with the customer’s problem and grasp the core of a business idea, and the Pitch Club has been leading our corporate start-up teams with great dedication.”Dr. André Hedler – Vice President, AE Home of Innovation & Start-ups, Robert Bosch GmbH

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